Essay Guide: How to Write an Essay about Service

Essay Guide: How to Write an Essay about Service

Essay community service is a great idea for a college admission essays. It is true that scholarship organizations and colleges are found of reading about your experiences with being involved in your neighborhood or school. They want to learn more about your extracurricular activities, interests and skills. Committee members give precedence to those applicants who have a variety of useful experiences. When you are writing an essay on community service, remember not only to share the way you have been involved with a certain service, but also mention what kind of impact you have made during that time.

Step 1. Think before you start your essay on customer service

Before you write, you have to answer the following questions to understand what exactly you are going to share in your paper:

  • Which community service has the greatest meaning to you?
  • Essay Guide: How to Write an Essay about Service
  • How and when did you first take part in this activity?
  • Who have you been helping, and in what ways?
  • What skills have you obtained or developed during your community service activity?
  • How your activity made you think differently about yourself and other people?
  • How has your experience in service influenced your plans for career or college?

Before you start your essay about service to others, look through these questions and figure out which of them were the easiest to answer and which one gets you ideas about the best stories you would like to share.

Step 2. Clear Focus

Essay Guide: How to Write an Essay about Service

Your essay on social service should be focused. So, begin with telling, “This is what I am going to tell you.” Here is an example of how to start your essay on service to humanity:

“Being a volunteer in a (organization name) as a coach assistant I have learned a lot about teamwork. I was training young sportsmen to work together, and this experience made me decide my career direction. I decided to work in the sphere of youth sports.”

Step 3. Build a story

The main part of your essay will be your personal story along with some details you mention to support your central idea. Provide good examples, and you will see that your essay becomes more interesting and memorable.

Step 4: String ending

End it with pouring the new light on the central point you have made or leave your audience with something important to think about. Here is a small example:

“The main pleasure of being a coach is not in winning games. The main reward is observing people who are working in a team and having fun. It does not matter whether a team wins or loses a game, a coach is always proud of every team member after each match.”

Step 5. Edit and revise

Leave your draft for a day or a couple of hours and look at it later. Read it loud and ask your tutor, classmate, parents, or friends the following questions:

  • Does the first sentence motivate you to read on?
  • Was the narration clear? Is it possible to follow it, or a reader may get confused while reading? Is there a logical order or parts skip in a confusing way?
  • Were there questions that you did not answer?
  • Were there tautologies in your paper?
  • Was it really interesting?
  • Was it too long? Were there some parts that should be shorter or cut out?
  • Was it too short? What parts should contain more details?
  • Does it end on a memorable note?

If you are unable to edit your essay yourself, than you’d better ask for some professional help to get your essay polished. Remember to read some essay editing service reviews before you place the order with a certain company.

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As it has been said earlier, essays about social service used as application letters and personal statements is definitely a good idea. Use these easy steps to compose an essay on service that would definitely win you an application!

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