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Today we are going to talk about one of the newest occupations, which is a custom writer. What does he or she specifically do? How much does he or she earn and how do you become one? These are the questions we are going to answer in this article.

My Experience in Ordering Dissertation Online

I have a friend who works as a writer. From time to time I ask him to help me write an essay for a school assignment. He never refuses. I am lucky to have such a friend, but most of the modern students are not so fortunate. They need to pay for professional writing service, and usually they pay a lot. However, custom writers as my friend do not get all of this money, but only a part of it. They all, I mean the writers, work for the writing service companies which connect customers and writers. Plus they have a lot of staff who work in support, quality, technical and financial departments and whose goal is to help customers get the product they have ordered. As a result the only work that is done by a writer is actually content creation. He or she simply does the assignment according to customer’s instructions. Plus, a writer can provide proofreading, formatting and paraphrasing services.

Writers are freelancers. They can work from home any days they want and for as many hours as they can. Of course, sometimes there are urgent orders, which require quick custom writing help, but such orders are also better paid for. Some writers, and my friend is one of them, try to combine official work and freelancing. It is also worth mentioning that writers have orders only in autumn, winter and spring time. In summer, when all the students have their holidays, the amount of orders is minimal. However, there are also two hot seasons, when the amount of orders is huge. The first one starts in October and ends in the middle of December, and the second one lasts from March till May. This is the time when writers work and earn the most.

My Experience in Ordering Dissertation Online

An average fee for a page of writing can vary from 3 to 10 dollars, depending on the discipline and urgency. Cheap writing services offer their customers low prices, that is why they are not able to pay a lot of money to their writers. More expensive organizations try to hire experts in different areas, for example, masters of Biology or any other science. Such people are the most professional writers, but they are not willing to work for peanuts. So, if you want to order the paper that is really important to your score, remember one rule: the more expensive writing service you choose, the better quality you will get. This rule is proven even by my custom writing experience.

How to become a writer? If you ever decide to become a freelance writer and work for a paper writing service, you need to be an expert in at least 3 to 5 disciplines (depending on the service requirements), have good writing skills, especially in academic writing. A professional writer has to be able to choose the best style of writing for each particular assignment. You may need to write an essay, a research paper, an article review, a lab, and, in case your specialization is IT, even a piece of code. Another demand for a writer is to be familiar with the most common formatting styles like MLA, APA and Harvard. You will also need good research skills. The biggest violation a writer can do is to use someone’s work without citing it. Each work is checked for plagiarism and the cheating authors pay penalties or get fired. The last, but not least condition for a writer is to be good at English grammar, because it is an important point for evaluation of any paper.

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If you feel like you fulfill all the requirements, look for the employment ads, send your CV, pass the test and write a sample paper. If you are successful, you will get a free account and access to the orders. Then it is up to you when to work, how much to work, how difficult orders to take and how much to earn.

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