How to Write a Research Paper in a Few Hours?

How to Write a Research Paper in a Few Hours?

How do I write a research paper? How to write a research paper? How to write a research report? These questions worry lots of students. Even though there are many articles and tutorials on how to do that, most of us seem to imagine this process as super difficult and postpone writing till the last night before the deadline. So, for those of you who has a due date in twelve, ten or even fewer hours, I want to share some very simple tips on how to write research papers in only 5 steps. This approach is useful for almost all papers, except probably a literature research paper. Follow this algorithm and your paper will be complete in no time.

Step #1

My research paper advice will not be unique. I suggest you start with reading. So, take your topic, underline the key words in it and search them on Google. You do not have to read all the articles and books that contain your keywords. First of all, eliminate all the sources that are older than 20 years. Even though many them are still relevant, you will need to spend a lot of time to verify their relevance. And you cannot afford this if you only have a few hours before the deadline. Now, if you have limited time, you, obviously, should also avoid books. What you should read are the articles or specific books’ chapters that contain information on your topic. If your topic is well researched, you will have plenty of sources to work with.

Step #2

Start reading them through. When you see valuable information, copy it to a Word document and do not forget to write about the author, the article’s title, publisher and publishing data (you will need this information for citation). Try to include these data below every piece of information you put into the document. Choose only the most necessary information. In case you have limited amount of time, you do not want to spend it on irrelevant sources.

How to Write a Research Paper in a Few Hours?

Step #3

When you have gone through all the literature found in Google, and you have a sufficient amount of material in your Word document, start adding your own ideas. You should do that in the same document. Each piece of information has to support your idea. So, what you need to do is to reread everything you have copied and above each paragraph write at least a sentence or two expressing your own point of view.

Step #4

Organize your points in a logical order. You need to build a structured paper. Arrange all the arguments and your own ideas in a form of a paper. Get rid of unnecessary additional information. Even if you are tempted to leave it for a better explanation or something alike, delete it. In most cases, too much additional information in a hastily written essay will only hinder the readers to get the essence of your essay.

Step #5

Cut out the information from other sources and write more of your own ideas. You need to remember that the research paper is all about your thoughts. The text should consist of at least 60% of your own sentences and 40% of the material taken from other sources. When you are done with this step, your paper is almost finished. It just needs some polishing and proofreading.

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However, if you do not want to bother yourself with a problem of how to write an essay, you can always order one from a paper writing service. It is especially suitable if your topic is not enough researched and you cannot find enough material. Instead of going to libraries and spending lots of time at the computer, you can make a few clicks on an online paper writing website and have your assignment done in a week or even less. Now, if you have your own ideas, but simply cannot put them together, or your research paper seems incomplete, you can always use paraphrasing, proofreading or paper editing services, which will make your work perfect and polished.

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