How to Write Research Paper Introduction and Conclusion?

How Should Introductions Be Written?

How to Write Research Paper Introduction and Conclusion?

The introduction is aimed at making the readers interested in further reading. Writing the research paper tell a few words about yourself, about the sphere of your interests and how you have chosen what to write a research paper on. Research paper writers, who are passionate about their investigations, write papers that are different from the formal, boring works. A good way to attract attention is to write about some unexpected fact or event that left great impact on you at the very beginning. Add some narrator’s mastery, and the reader gets intrigued. While writing a good research paper introduction tell what the subject of your investigation is, what sources you have used, what information you would like to share and why. How you will fulfill this task plays a minor role. The most important thing is to avoid being annoying. Do not mention irrelative information outlining the tasks of your investigation. Actually that is it. The introduction which is too long is likely to be thumbed through.

How Should Conclusions Be Written?

The main goal of a good conclusion is to summarize those conclusions you have made in the body chapters. A well-tried way is to write a few general statements concerning the theme of the research paper and prove that you have fulfilled the tasks formulated in the introduction. Such conclusion will not give rise to unfavorable criticism. However, it will fail to impress the readers as well.

How to Write Research Paper Introduction and Conclusion?

Anyone who has read your written research paper till the end will be interested in the investigation results. Moreover, s/he will want to find out what your attitude towards this piece of academic writing is, what difficulties you faced in the process of writing, what you are going to do with the obtained results in future. Maybe, there is something special that you would like to inform an interested reader about. All this information will be appropriate for a good conclusion. Do not be afraid to exceed the scope of your work and be who you really are in the process of research papers writing.

There are lots of variants how to finish your paper in an interesting and effective manner. The main point here – avoid being too formal. You can always search for research papers online and familiarize yourself with some samples to find an idea for your perfect conclusion.

And the last but not the least piece of advice:

Elegance and Plainness

When you are writing a college paper, remember that you are not writing it for yourself or for your scientific adviser, but for the reader who cannot fully understand what you mean. People may think that an idea written in simple sentences without compound words and constructions is not valuable. This is far from being the truth. Do not be afraid of simplicity. It is the key to success. In research papers writers often use phrases like “it is obvious” or “it is well-known”. However, they are followed by completely non-obvious ideas. Your point of view or something which seems to you as well-known fact is the position which should be clearly explained no matter how simple it is. Constructive criticism and revealing such “unobvious obviousness” is an important part of your work. Research workers usually have to operate various scientific terms and names that are not used in everyday communication. Each term should be explained immediately. It is important for both you and the reader: having explained the term, you make sure that you have understood its meaning.

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