Arts and Wiles of Good Essay Writing

Arts and Wiles of Good Essay Writing

Writing essays is a difficult and time-consuming process, which requires thorough preparation, continued possibilities and inspiration, as well as good knowledge of the topic. The UK essay writers say that some students ask “write my essay cheap.” Well, it is impossible to get a good piece of unique writing for free. However, they would like to share their personal experience and tell about several arts and wiles of good essay writing.

In writing academic essays it is necessary:

  • To formulate the theme properly and to specify the related questions. Arts and Wiles of Good Essay Writing

    The theme has to comprise the facts, developments and phenomena explained in your essay; it is the essay’s immediate contents, the subject of your study and experience. The theme must be concisely worded and explicit. Its formulation cannot bear ambiguities as they may cause misunderstandings of the assigned theme. To find out how good your theme is, try to formulate it as a question and answer it.

    If you want to write your essay and get a good mark for it, then think whether the theme formulation and your task is clear; whether you operate the factual evidence concerning the theme; whether you have experience in writing such essays; whether you will cope with the task of writing urgent essays on this theme.

    Remember! You CANNOT change the theme in the process of essay writing.

  • Find some information and critical materials.

    You will have to pick up relative citations and make some extracts. Working with different pieces of literature is subordinate to the necessity to prove and illustrate the fundamental idea of the essay. A number of nice sentences will not make your essay interesting and informative; it should contain some new information proved by different facts and evidences.

  • Thoroughly think over the main idea that will be developed in the essay.

    To formulate the principal thought of the paper it is necessary to answer the question: “What do I want to say in this essay and what conclusions will I draw?” You should start writing the essay on the assigned theme only if you have some knowledge and experience to share. Bare words are worth nothing.

  • Specify the essay type.

    Your paper may be expository, narrative, critical, persuasive, analytical, argumentative or any other essay type.

  • Make up a plan conforming to the process of ideas development.

    Your essay must be comprehensive and consistent in presenting and proving the facts. It must include an introduction, a body and a conclusion.

  • Make your essay cover the theme consistently, vividly and demonstratively.

    Your essay must be written in compliance with the logical rules, where the principal thesis is proved by a number of examples, and a reasonable conclusion is drawn based on various facts.

  • Write the essay in grammatically and stylistically proper sentences.

    Pay attention to accurate linguistic usage, brilliance and emotionality of sentences.

  • Make a draft of your essay and edit it.

    It is necessary to delete everything that is mentioned more than once. Check the logical links between the abstracts and appraise the essay theme and its relevance to the contents.

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  • Proofread the essay.

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